December 2, 2022

3 Basic Differences Between Manual and Automated Trading – Choose the Right Trading Approach in Crypto

Financial markets, especially the volatile realm of cryptocurrency trading requires continuous monitoring to get successful trades in a row. Crypto market, unlike conventional equity markets, never closes, making it practically hard for individual traders to keep track of price swings, spread risk, decrease inefficiency, and maintain trading discipline 24/7. There are a plethora of tactics and methods for trading available at the moment. When it comes to trading in cryptocurrencies, though, two methods stand out: manual trading and automated trading. In terms of investing in cryptocurrencies, one of the first decisions to make is whether to employ complex algorithms and the best crypto trading bots or to solely depend on your knowledge and experience to explore the market.

Manual Trading

Manually trading necessitates close attention since the decision to perform certain activities or not is a subjective one. In this approach, the trader is the only one who has full authority over the open and closed trades. As a consequence, it is the responsibility of crypto users to perform the equations, and all outcomes are reliant on on their own efforts. Manual trading allows one to precisely observe the crypto-activity while also making them learn about investing and the financial markets.

Traders that choose this option feel that an algorithm’s rational or emotional capabilities are inferior to that of human intellect. However, bear in mind that if you choose this option, you must remain observant at all times to avoid missing any trading opportunities.

Automated Trading

Automated trading, as the title suggests, is established on using complex algorithms that perform crypto trade orders compared with previously evaluated and set logarithms, data, and parameters. A bot is programmed software that runs through the web and automates repetitive tasks more quickly than humans. The same basic logic applies to cryptocurrency trading robots. They’re AI-powered software programmes that perform operations depending on pre-defined parameters. By executing a series of algorithms, there will be no more lost trades or chances. With the use of bots, you may purchase, trade, and hold assets in a quick, effective, and automated manner at any moment of the day from anywhere on the planet.

Trading robots provide remarkable efficiency and convenience, reduced errors, and emotionless trading by interacting instantly with cryptocurrency exchanges and executing trades promptly depending on predefined parameters.

Differences Between Manual and Algorithmic Trading in Crypto

1. Rules

In order to be effective in trading, you must have a plan beforehand. To traverse the crypto market, one may use entry and exit techniques in both forms of trade. The effectiveness of an automated trading bot is governed by pre-determined parameters. Due to its superior precision and efficiency in comparison to human capabilities, algorithmic trading adheres more to varied strategies while employing automated systems.

Many manual traders, on the other hand, operate based on their own rules and instincts. This method of operation only succeeds if you are ready to put in a lot of effort, including extensive research, strict discipline, and excellent psychological command. Moreover, because it is dependent on the reaction of human traders, it might be difficult to follow varied trading techniques at times.

2. Psychological Factors

When traders trade manually, they are subjected to the consequences of certain emotional impulses, which can result in hurried trading decisions, resulting in monetary loss.

Emotions, on the other hand, have no bearing on the outcome of automated trading. Automation carries out the processes, which follow sophisticated algorithms and react quickly to altering market conditions.

3. Accessibility in the Market

To get started in the crypto market, you’ll need to set aside time and money. Nevertheless, based on the style of trading you engage in, your expenses might increase. Manual trading is not difficult in theory, and you simply need to know the basics to get started. However, traders are strongly advised to invest in training and instructional resources in order to achieve consistent returns and ease of operation.

Automated trading, on the contrary, necessitates the use of a programmed tool known as a trading bot. The majority of these robots are compensated because of their enormous potential, which might result in a budgetary rise.


While these are the major differences between the two trading approaches, one also needs to consider risk management factors and the ability to monitor the price movements while opting for the right one as per their financial objectives.

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