December 2, 2022

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Instagram Feed in 2022!

Having your feed overflowing with charm and visually pleasing to the eye is a terrific strategy to gain an engaging audience.

When someone visits your Instagram profile and clicks on your profile, they read your bio before proceeding to your feed. Your feed visibly entices visitors to continue scrolling and gives you a freedom to have a go with your creativity in building an original Instagram account.

So, here are five simple steps to spice up your feed.

#1. Follow a theme and a grid

Every professional Instagram account involves a carefully curated feed following a constant theme and grid.

An organized grid layout displays how your Instagram posts appear to your followers. It makes starting a regular Instagram theme clearer and more efficient. You can tell what posts belong to which category just at a glance from an organized feed.

You can pick a distinct color palette that would define the colors of your grid.

Here are two examples of two individuals with contrasting themes that are unique to them.

#2. Decide Your Posts and Tone Ahead of Time

Now you have a color palette you should follow the grid plan in your head. Now aim to collect all the posts you would enjoy for your feed to represent your brand or yourself.

You can take an extra step and maintain a consistent tone so that a follower can recognize you immediately.

A tone is you adopting a greeting every time you post or an emoji your followers can recognize you through. Tone can also mean formal or informal, as you would want to bond with your followers. ArXe Ventures found their clients often performed better when utilising a more informal tone, despite being a serious brand (e.g marketing business). But then again, if you are, say, a law firm, it would be difficult to impress clients without some sense of formality.

Also, if you have the schedule for the next week planned you might have a good idea of what your posts will look like for that week – and set out your agenda accordingly.

#3. Filtering and Rearranging

You might have a range of posts you want your feed to have. These posts might not have a color and are all mixed up.

Use one filter for your feed. It can be vintage, black, grey-tinted, or white. Remember to maintain it throughout your Instagram feed as it gives an aesthetic touch to your Instagram feed.

Your posts are now prepared with a consistent filter and connected, but you must now make them flow together in a way that looks attractive. It’s best to avoid pairing a crowded photo with one with a lot of negative space.

Here is an example of a grey-tinted filter and a light pastel filter.

#4. High-Quality Pictures

This is a given. As much as there might be a few places where blurry pictures fit your aesthetic feed, it’s always better to opt for high-quality ones. A visitor is most likely to do a quick scroll through your feed without clicking on one of them.

Let all your pictures be original and high-quality. You can experiment with the contrast and sharpness accordingly.

Gives visitors a double-take and a double-tap at your posts.

Some think it is good enough to buy Instagram followers from websites such as Buzzoid, and fail to have high-quality photos on their feed. Remember: likes are as, or even more, important than followers (especially for the Instagram algorithm)!

#5. Planning using applications to make it easier.

It’s terrific that you’ve found the time to develop some fresh content. Finally, make it aesthetically appealing. It’s critical to maintain uniformity in the tools and techniques you employ while retouching your images when they are in quantity.

Quality goes a long way, so filter out the ones you are unsure of and improve the ones you have.

There are plenty of applications out there to help you make your feed planning work easier and Preview is one convenient application.

The Preview application can help plan grids and layouts. It also has some basic filters you can choose for your feed. It is also useful when rearranging your posts before posting them on Instagram. It gives you a preview of what it may look like when it all comes together.


In the end, what counts most is the perception you have come up with to fit your feed. Determine your brand and your colors, and it will set you on the path to discovering the balance of the feed you create.

Early in the week, choose what your posts should focus on for the week so you can have a better result with the experiments. Creativity can have happy accidents because there is no wrong with following your instincts. These were just a few tips to get started. Now you can take the wheel and have fun planning your feed!

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