December 2, 2022

7 Ways You Can Make Your App User Friendly

In the world where we use apps nearly every day for a group of activities, from finding a perfect spot for lunch to the nearest stores, they have become a constant presence in our daily lives. In that regard, there are also multiple apps with similar aspects or applications, targeting the same user base. As such the apps that are best suited to the users needs and ease of use is what is preferred in a highly competitive app space. Making the app through the eyes of the user, and therein something which the user has ease with is not an afterthought but it is something that everyone making an app has to constantly keep in their mind during development. This article gives you some tips on how to implement design features and other aspects so as to make your app user friendly!

Choose the Right Theme For your Business and App

Theme is an important component for any businesses or app developer to consider when they are making their apps. The image and the message that your brand or business portrays is something that the user needs to identify easily when they view your app. Having a clear message with an elaborate theme is therefore something that the business, or the brand will gain value through. Use elements that clearly show what your business, brand or app is all about. If it is about showing products for consumers to buy from, have clear views of your products which the users  can easily access. It is also important to see what kind of target audience you are aiming for. Know the user, and make your app accordingly so that they have easy access through your app and you have what matters to them outside for them to see from the start. The main goal is user comfort in the use of the app. The more optimized you make your app and the better your theme, the more users are driven to your app, increasing your goals as well, be it driving more people for sales or for viewers accessing your apps.

Always showcase your value proposition from the get-go

Sometimes amidst all that an app tries to do the main message behind what an app is directed towards is lost. This can become confusing for the user, as they might have to spend more time getting to where they want to be within your app or your intended content reaching them late as they have to search more. If your brand is targeted at say kids apparel, ensure that that message and your products within your app reaches your audience clearly. Alternatively, if it is a social media platform, your main content, or say messaging platform should be easily accessible to the user. The more streamlined your app is the better that the users can use and work within the app and thus benefiting the developer too. Users without understanding the main purpose of the app are motivated to try other products available in the market or leave the app altogether.

Make sure your monetization tools are well placed and integrated

All developers have certain aspects which they use within their apps to drive income back. For instance, if your app has a paywall for certain content ensure that the user if they are opting for that paid content are allowed access easily and they can complete the payment process without any challenges. If say your app uses advertisements generating revenue, always remember to place them at proper intervals, make them as easy to integrate within the app as possible. The more the problems with integrating these elements the larger the problems that will come up in users being distracted from your apps content or quitting out of sheer frustration because of hardships in use.

Ensure that the apps load quickly

Have you ever waited for that website or app to start loading? Waited for getting your favorite food order complete right? Bothered you, didn’t it? All users enjoy using a well optimized and fast loading app rather than waiting to reach the content that is intended to be delivered. Developers then need to ensure that the app loads quickly for the users who are entering the app as well as users navigating within the apps to different parts of it. This needs to be so that users can again gain access easily within the system that you are running within the app.

Remember to put in those stunning visuals!

Customers like graphics. Since we employ our own sight to interact with things around us and get responses from our environment for it, using the ability of attractive sights within apps is a major bonus for user experience. Since we view what we are buying, or what we are doing within the app the more able we are to understand what we are interacting with and also gain a connection with it. This acts as something which will be attractive to the customer or user, and will also ensure that the app does not look boring or burdensome, with just plain texts on the phone screen. Photos can also be used to direct the users attention to separate spaces within the app and also to make things within your app draw the users attention, like a well placed monetization aspect like ads which appeal to customers, or your product which sells well.

Give your user benefits for being part of your app

Hey, who doesn’t like a gift right? When you allow your users to have perks to be long term members of the app or even to get some discounts on your products, they are more engaged with the services that you are giving within your app and making it a place where your users will frequently go to and also then help you run your app better! The app experience is all about how the user views it and benefits from it. The more you focus on them and give them benefits the more the benefits!

Simple yet practical is what makes most sense for users who have to go through a lot of information within the applications. Users love to easily get through stuff and learn where they need to reach as simply as possible so they can get to the good parts. Always remember to therefore keep the best parts forward, and don’t add unnecessary clutter within your applications.

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