December 1, 2022

Better end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility. How-to

The most recent crises have been true proof of the great need for transparency in the supply chain.

The recent pandemic has spotted the flaws in the international supply chain. However, it is not too late to recognize the significance of end to end supply chain visibility.

Back then, no one had ever predicted the pandemic disruption in each country. Obviously, it has affected supply and demand in many ways, from border closures to late product deliveries to significant increases in customer demands.

Managing the supply chain requires advanced daily planning. But one won’t be able to make a good plan and an informative decision if there is not enough data to process in their parts. The supply chain supervisors and chargers often deal with a lot of disruption. These disruptions, from the smallest to the largest, can accumulate to make the supply chains less agile and less resilient. As a result, now is the time to shift your company’s focus to full end-to-end supply chain visibility.

When we talk about E2E supply chain visibility, it is not wrong at all to refer to the level of transparency across the entire supply chain. The E2E supply chain visibility can be defined as the ability to get a full overview of the freight movements from the starting points to the end points, as well as every stage in-between. The business hopes to track, monitor, and report on the item’s movement and condition in real time.

Back then, it was optional. But most recently, the modern supply chain industry and its communities have realized the importance of the SCV for their supply chain. According to the research, less than 10 percent of the logistics businesses are confidently proclaiming that they’ve achieved full E2E visibility.

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You might be part of the 90% who want to achieve the E2E SCV. So, what can you do to achieve that?

There are some reasons why the E2E SCV is highly crucial for your logistic business. First and foremost, transparency is the key to logistics success.are aware of the importance of the traceability of their orders. After all, they are investing their money in the products they’ve ordered. They must know the location, condition, and ETA for the arrival of the products at their address. The transparency of the traceability is also important for the business brand and image.

Every party in the supply chain must have the same interest. When the data is available for everyone to monitor and access, it will improve relationships between the providers and their customers. It will also improve communication and collaboration between the vendors.

In order to achieve supply chain visibility, the business will need to implement the right tech stacks.

Working with the right provider like Agistix can help you jump start your progress and attain full E2E supply chain visibility. Agistix is ready to help you with the tech stack implementation to achieve supply chain visibility such as a centralized communication channel, tracking devices, real-time live streaming, and many other helpful supply chain tools.

Here are the steps that you can take in order to improve your business SCV in the movement process.

Work on the communication tools.

There is a need to improve the communication tools to achieve the SCV. In this case, you will want to figure out the best means of communication and tools that you can use to communicate with all vendors.

One of the best ways to do this is to install cloud-based TMS systems. These systems can be accessed from anywhere, or any location as long as you have an internet connection.

The next thing you could consider is setting up the quick notification tools for incoming alerts on particular devices. The alerts will inform you when there is any disruption that occurs. You can set it up to connect to your mobile devices. If your team members are handling the communications, you can also set it up for them. The first step is to equip yourself with the appropriate communication tools.

Identify your supply chain operations.

To attain the best E2E supply chain visibility, you must first define your entire process. Not all companies have the same process for managing their supply chain operations. Depending on the niche of your brand, you surely have a unique process. To increase the visibility, you will need to have a solid process in place the first time.

You must have a solid process to achieve this visibility.

Enhancement of tracking tools

The tracking tools are applicable to help shippers and logistic businesses attain good traceability. For this purpose, you will need to stay updated with the latest technology so that you can reserve the best solution in your supply chain. Some shippers are up to the UPC or RFID tags. GPS tracking is a great way to track the movement of transportation from the original place to the destination. You could consult this matter with the Agistix representatives.

Select your partner.

You will only be successful in achieving e2e visibility if you are working with the right partners. Collaborate with the right partners with the help of the best SCV solutions from Agistix.

Designing the supply chains

The operations of the network have the main roots in the performance of the supply chain. If in your business, your objective is to work with subcontracting third-party companies, then your company might decide to use a third-party logistics company in the overall supply chain.

In this case, the most appropriate tool to install is the internet of things. This solution has been proven to work in a lot of scenarios in manufacturing and logistics. Introducing the IoT to your practice can set your business on the right track to improve its end-to-end visibility.

The demands of the customers can change overtime. That’s why supply chains need to be optimized from time to time to improve performance. Reach out to Agistix now to work with the right partners to improve your business’s E2E supply chain visibility.