November 27, 2022

Beyond Zero: The Upcoming Lineup of Toyota EVs That You Must Know About!

Recently, Toyota has received a lot of slack for a lack of enthusiasm towards EVs. The company was criticized because they didn’t believe that EVs were the future. Their stance was further solidified with the Corolla Sport H2 Concept.

However, Toyota shocked everybody when it revealed sixteen new EVs for the future! It plans on launching up to thirty new EVs by the year 2030. It’ll be an all-electric, yet affordable lineup of vehicles called Beyond Zero.

The following is some of the info about some of the vehicles unveiled:

Toyota bZ Cars

A major part of Toyota’s presentation was the bZ brand. This included the bZ4X, a vehicle that could make the production lines by 2022. The rest of them were the following:

bZ Compact SUV

This was a CUV, whose design was based on the Toyota Corolla Fascia. The design looked like that of a hatchback. It isn’t very tall or box-like shaped, unlike what most automakers are doing today.

bZ Sedan

Like its aforementioned cousin, this too looked like the Fascia. In fact, it could represent what the Corolla will look like a couple of years from now. It is sized more proportionately to the mid-range Camry though.

bZ Large SUV

We’ve seen the bZ4X and we’ve also seen the current Highlander. This looks like a combination of the two vehicles. The design seems simple like a large SUV should be. This could redefine the SUV in North America and MENA.

There was also a small crossover showcased amongst these cars. This lineup will be revolutionary as it will combine electric vehicles, Toyota’s reliability, and its car parts to success. For genuine Toyota parts supply, visit:

More Toyota EVs Showcased (Lifestyle Lineup)

We got another glimpse of Toyota’s future in the form of its “Lifestyle” lineup. These showed the exciting cars that could be representatives of the current lineup sometime from now.

Compact Cruiser EV

This one’s quite important as it essentially showed the successor to the iconic FJ Cruiser. It even sported the nostalgic blue color that its predecessor had. If it is anything like the FJ Cruiser, it should be excellent on all terrains.


This is a tiny commercial use vehicle that Toyota says will “change the face of daily life in the city”. It is a compact mobility solution from the company that could revolutionize public transportation. It’s already used for the Olympics.

Small SUEV

We’ve now ventured from Sports Utility Vehicles to Sports Utility Electric Vehicles. This is a cool-looking compact SUV, that resembles the CH-R. Toyota aims for the youthful audience with this car.

Crossover EV

Keeping with the crossover theme, this one looks very sharp. It is also similar to the CH-R, but the front is different. It is larger than the Small SUEV and it looks exciting to drive. This CUV is also aimed at a younger audience.

Pickup EV

This could bring about drastic changes but we are unsure of the size that this truck is. It could be the next Tundra or the next Tacoma. It looks great and it could be a combination of both of those truck on a new platform. 

Sports Car EV

You cannot have a car range without a sports car and Toyota knows that. We got to see a futuristic sports car that looks very aerodynamic and to keen eyed observers, mid-engined. It could be the successor to the iconic MR2 model.

Mid Box

The mid box was one of the two vans unveiled. It is the larger one, and looks to be suited for both commercial and recreational van usage based on its size.

Micro Box

This was the smaller van concept that was revealed. It is difficult to say what this could be used for as it is tiny. Nonetheless, it could be used commercially.


So, these were the Toyotas of the future. Toyota will be working well in collaboration with its sub-brands Subaru and Lexus to produce these EVs. It plans on investing around a hundred billion dollars to fund their production.

The company plans on producing and selling millions of these vehicles till 2030. We could be seeing some of these cars arrive in about 3 years from now. They’re all part of Toyota’s carbon-neutral agenda.

It looks like Toyota will slowly replace gasoline cars as they produce more EVs and as more and better charging facilities are available. This along with Toyota’s hydrogen car production aims puts it at quite a good future.  

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