December 2, 2022

Financial Apps: What Users Want

About 12% of users apply for financial apps, while shopping applications use only 6%. People often apply to financial apps to pay for purchases, check current account status, and control expenses. Many also pay fines through such services. Usually, users search for information on a mobile site. Then, the app fulfills daily local tasks. For example, top-up a mobile account, transfer money from one bank card to another.

What Do They Use Financial Apps for?

Today it is vital that the app supports as many functions as possible. So here is a chart of things users do on their smartphones:

  1. 58% of users use their gadgets for communication.
  2. 41% of users apply for financial management.
  3. 32% for Internet searches.

However, ordinary money transfers are not enough. The user needs to keep records of their money flows and see how and what they spend them. These are the basics of financial literacy in today’s world.

Let’s see how often they use financial apps:

  • 48% of users apply to financial apps daily.
  • 86% of apps bear weekly usage or more.
  • Finally, 65% of apps are utilized once a week.

Considering the numbers, a financial app development company can offer comprehensive development services to simplify the life of each person who is eager to improve it.

How Users Choose Financial Apps

The average user has three financial apps installed. Users who deleted apps in the last three months deleted an average of two apps. If your app isn’t convenient or functional, users will quickly delete it. The most popular sources of information about financial apps are the Internet, ads on websites, and app store recommendations.

97% of users think about privacy and data protection when choosing an app. It’s understandable: news columns are full of headlines about another personal data leak. At the same time, users prefer to keep personal data on their smartphones.

Users then select apps based on reviews, ratings, and app descriptions. What’s most interesting is that users don’t listen to the advice of their friends and relatives when choosing apps.

What’s Important in a Financial App

Financial app development must provide for the integration of two-factor authentication. When it comes to financing, security comes first. Users also note the importance of notifications. In third place is the design of the app. And, of course, the app should be well optimized for mobile devices.

Why are Users Deleting Applications?

The main reasons were insufficient functionality, because of which the user had to look for a more appropriate application, and intrusive, irrelevant ads, which hindered the use of the application. Finally, the third most popular reason was technical problems.

Here are top suggestions on how to avoid the removal of your application:

  1. I will focus on the main things that will keep your app from getting lost in the app stores.
  2. Consider your followers’ interests and needs.
  3. Don’t forget about functionality. Users appreciate apps with great features for personal financial accounting.

Take Care of the Security of Your Users’ Data

Today, the average person has at least one financial app installed on their smartphone. The ability to manage your money wisely distinguishes a thoughtful person from an ordinary one. That’s why any modern finance-related organization is required to have its app. One that will make performing everyday functions more convenient.

Who is the Best Person to Ask for Help?

If you need financial app development, then order from a company. It has all the necessary experience to provide this kind of service. In addition, it employs experienced professionals who have an excellent understanding of how to develop mobile financial apps.

The Company’s Advantages

Competence and expertise. It understands the infrastructure of financial app development companies and can quickly integrate with authentication, trading, internal accounting, and other systems. In addition, company employees know better than freelancers how and where to take data for applications.

Speed of work. The company does our job faster than our competitors. A large staff of specialists performs complex work in a short time.

Unique services. We develop our software products for accounting, analysis, and financial information.

What Other Pros Does the Company Have?

You should order financial app development because the experts here work as quickly as possible. In advance, you will discuss all the workers’ deadlines to meet. Specialists very much appreciate clients’ comfort and will not let you down. The company has its financial app development that they implement in a variety. They concern:

Providing Certain Information About Finances

In addition, there are employees here who have the highest level of competence. Finally, some specialists are responsible for their expertise. They will take the financial app development company’s structure to create an app using modern technology. There will be integration with modern identification systems, authorization systems, shopping systems, and more. Workers know where the necessary data for the app can be taken from.

Who Might Need These Software Products?

More and more often, ordinary people are ordering these financial app developments. The usual programs, which developers designed to account for expenses and income, are top-rated. They have become especially relevant against the background of the economic crisis. You can use financial app development designed to make payments for various services. There are other solutions as well.

  • currency converters;
  • programs for accounting;
  • applications for virtual wallets.

You can also develop financial app products for insurance companies and banks. There will be powerful tools for economic analysis. At the same time, the applications will be available both on iOS and Android. Employees and ordinary users will be able to use the databases.

The Main Stages Of Development

The customer needs to conduct negotiations beforehand to understand what kind of financial app development they need. Then specialists create the specifications for the future application.

But before that, it is necessary to take care of the design. Then, skilled frontend and backend developers will take care of the interface and the server part. But the financial app development of economic and analytical applications will not be complete without careful testing of the program’s basic functionality.

Software solutions for working with a broker represent a particular difficulty. Here, there must be a specialized web account. You can obtain a wide range of functionality directly through the application.

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