August 8, 2022

How to Overcome Challenges of Car accident Claims and Get Compensation

If you have been injured during a car accident due to the fault of another driver, you should keep in mind that this alone won’t make you eligible to get the compensation. Car accidents are sudden, unpredictable and very exhausting. They can drain you financially and physically. Dealing with them requires you to hire a Fort Wayne car accident attorney for many reasons. They can help you overcome the issues faced by you during the car accident claims. Some of these challenges are explained below:

Whose Car accident insurance will pay for the injuries?

While during the accident, one of the parties is involved, you may seek compensation from another party who caused the accident. However, if he does not have the insurance, you need to contact your company so that they can pay you the expenses for the injuries and damages. It can even get uglier even if you don’t have it because you will have to file a lawsuit. Getting the compensation may seem tougher than what is expected.

Proving the liability

One of the common challenges faced during a car accident is liability. Who was responsible for the accident? Then, the blame game starts and everyone just tries to act innocent. In such a scenario, an attorney can help you and filer out the following situations:

  • Was there a breach of duty?
  • Did the breach of duty cause the accident?
  • Did the accident cause injuries to the person?
  • Who was negligent while driving?
  • Any other circumstances such as DUI

After looking into the above-mentioned scenario, an attorney can hold a person responsible for the accident.

Injuries before the accident

Pre-existing injuries are also considered if you file for compensation. If the plaintiff receives the injury on the same body part, which was already damaged, the insurance company would not want to pay the full compensation. For instance, if a person has injured his spine during an accident where surgery was already performed, the insurance company of the at-fault party may not pay the desired amount. The attorney may have to fight in court to get it.

Shifting the blame

You should be prepared that the attorney of another party may hold you responsible for the accident partially if not fully. He will also argue on that and shift the blame on you.

It is a good idea to get in touch with an attorney after carefully researching them online.

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