August 8, 2022

How to Safely Organize Large Indoor Events in 2022

2020 was a disappointing year for events and festivals.

The COVID-19 pandemic ruined the entire year for most people across the world. 2021 was no different. However, things did get better eventually, and people were once again traveling, going outdoors, and holding events.

As we enter 2022, we are already facing a threatening situation with the Omicron variant. Despite that, people are still eager to carry on with their lives. However, they are more cautious than ever at the moment. And to keep things somewhat safe and subtle, they are mostly organizing these large events indoors.

Organizing large indoor events in 2022 has not yet been banned, and it does not seem like it will be so anytime soon. Local health and safety authorities, however, do expect you to maintain all sorts of precautions if you do organize such events. On top of that, your local law and enforcement would also like to be in the loop regarding the event. Of course, they are all concerned for you and your guests’ safety.

So with that in mind, one might wonder – how do you safely organize a large indoor event in 2022? Let us find out.

Check with Local Health Officials

The daily COVID infection rate had seen a decent decline in late 2021. As we entered December, and the Omicron variant became more widespread, things started to get worse across the US. From less than 200,000 cases per day in the first week of December, the daily infection rate crossed 700,000 in the second week of January.

The infection patterns are not clear, which is why you will have to check with your local health and safety authorities before you can prepare for the event.

Safety First

First of all, you would want your guests or attendees to be vaccinated. Ideally, they should be done with both doses of the vaccine. It is better if they also got the booster, but you can let that slide for the time being.

Know that you cannot let people buy tickets to the event, and then tell them at the entrance that they cannot enter without being vaccinated. That will only cause a huge fight. So it is best if you ask for their vaccine certification when they are buying the tickets. That way, you can verify the certificates, and hand out tickets only when they have taken the vaccine.

It would also be great if all the guests and attendees mask up during the event. However, since they will all be vaccinated, you might struggle to enforce that rule.

Know Who Your Guests Are

Once they check-in at the gates, people tend to get careless with their tickets. So when they have to go outside for some reason and come back in, they fail to show their tickets because they have lost them.

Thus, you will have to know who your guests are. And for that, you should consider using custom rubber stamps. Ideally, you would want a personalized self-inking rubber stamp. You could also opt for pre-inked ones, but stamping with the self-inking ones is more comfortable. With the pre-inked stamps, you do not have to pile up on extra ink pads.

With a custom stamp, you can work out various designs for your event. In case you are holding the event for multiple days, you can have a date stamp as well.

Do not worry about harming your guests with the stamps or ink. Your vendor can provide you with non-toxic options if you ask for them.

Alerting the Local Law Enforcement Agencies

You need to alert your local law enforcement agencies about the event for a few reasons.

The agencies will be the ones to authorize your event once they know where you are organizing it and how many people the venue can accommodate. You will need special permission in case you are having VIPs or celebrities at the event.

They will also need to know about the number of guests to make sure there are enough emergency response vehicles with them in case of an emergency. And given that we are living amid a pandemic, the agencies might want to know who is in attendance at the event in case it turns out to be a super-spreader.

After ensuring all these things, you can rest assured that you are ready to organize a large indoor event safely.

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