November 29, 2022

Top 6 Packing Tips for Your next Vacation

Going on vacation this festive season? Most people love going on vacation and almost every step in vacation planning is fun except for one, packing. Almost everyone wishes they could delegate this part but unfortunately they cannot. You know what you need and you are the only one who can ensure that you do not forget any important thing for your vacation. Believe me when I tell you that you do not want to start running up and down trying to find the nearest store in your destination. Do not stress too much though, I am here to give you a few packing tips that will help you for your next trip. Read on.

Make a Packing List

This might seem like an obvious point but you can’t even imagine the number of people who try to hack packing without a list. Have you ever tried doing grocery shopping without a shopping list? You probably had to eat dry cereal that night because you forgot the most basic item, milk. 

Always make sure that your packing list for your vacation is ready a few days prior to actual packing. This gives you ample time to add or remove any items from your list. A list will help you remember everything that you need for your trip so you do not have to spend huge bucks buying things in your vacation, the prices at those holiday destinations are usually crazy.

Be Familiar With Your Airline’s Luggage Policy

This is very important as it will help you know the amount of baggage you are allowed to carry and if there are any extra fees for excess luggage, if so, how much? Do not be shy to ask these kinds of questions as you are making your booking, ignorance is not bliss, you might have to learn this the hard way if you do not inquire and get the accurate details. 

If it is your first time flying, make sure that you understand all the policies in terms of luggage, for instance, there are some items that are not allowed inside aeroplanes, you might have to leave such items at the airport.

Use Your Carry-on Bag Wisely

Most airlines allow you to have one carry-on bag that you can have with you on the plane. Make sure that you make good use of this opportunity by packing your carry-on wisely. It should have essential items that you will need during the duration of your flight. A medium size backpack is perfect for a carry-on bag since you can fit some of these items inside. 

If your flight is long, you will need your phone charger, headphones, your laptop to catch up with the latest netflix series and you will most definitely need to have your hand sanitizer and other personal hygiene products with you. 

Sort Out Your Luggage

One important thing about packing is to separate your stuff. You do not want to put everything together and end up getting confused as to what is where. Clothes should not be packed together with makeup or medication or toiletries. 

Make use of ziploc bags to isolate specific items before putting them in your suitcase. This will allow you easy access whenever you need them. You can use custom strip lash packaging to separate your eyelashes from other makeup products. This also keeps them safe from damage.

Pack a Health-kit

Nobody anticipates any medical emergencies when on vacation, but it doesn’t hurt to be ready in case one arises. If you have any underlying medical conditions, then this point is specifically for you. Make sure you have your blood pressure machine with you to monitor your blood pressure; this way, you stay on top of it. 

Do not forget your medication, and make sure you adhere to the schedules even while on your trip. It is a good idea to have a first aid kit in hand in case of any accidents. Some of these holiday destinations are located very far away from hospitals, and you will not always get medical attention when you need it. So better be safe than sorry.

Choose the Right Suitcase or Bag

Choose your suitcase based on your destination. When you have to go throughout the city to fetch your suitcase, a suitcase is not always the best option. It is difficult to carry a suitcase on buses and other public transportation. Instead, opt for a duffel bag or a backpack. 

When you don’t need to take it everywhere, have a long vacation, and need to pack a lot of stuff, the suitcase is ideal. Always strive to carry a light bag or luggage since when you fill it with clothes and other items, it will double the weight.


When you are a smart packer, then you will always enjoy your vacation without having to worry about what you have and what you might have forgotten. These are just but a few tips when it comes to packing for your vacation. You can always ask your holiday planner to help you with some more packing tips that are specific to your destination.

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