August 10, 2022

Valentine’s Day and the pandemic: 5 romantic ideas for this year

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and many are already starting to get hyped about it. After all, it is the celebration of love and romance, the day that most couples look forward to. But, especially for men, the road to Valentine’s Day can be quite scary. Why? Gifts, of course.

Valentine’s Day presents can put into crisis the most solid couples, even those who have prevailed over long distances and irreconcilable disputes. In fact, while women usually do well enough when it comes to choosing a present for their boyfriends, their sweet halves torment themselves with the most difficult question ever: “What do I give my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?”. And unfortunately, this year the task is going to be even harder than usual.

With the pandemic still around, some classic ideas are simply not suitable. Think about holidays, romantic dinners at 5 star restaurants, or outdoor activities. Odds are that we won’t be able to rely on those. So, what do we do? Don’t panic, we got your back. We came up with 5 romantic ideas that are great for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

1. A homemade dinner

We just said that this year restaurants are probably not an option. However, this can have surprisingly good advantages. Think about the budget, for instance. If you cook and dine at home you will save a lot of money. Not too bad, given the times. But most importantly, you are going to give your girlfriend an authentic and intimate moment together.

What really makes the difference is a dinner cooked with love. The surprise of returning home and finding the table set beats the reservation in a luxury restaurant, especially when there are certain ingredients are involved. Cinnamon, ginger, and chili, for instance, increase blood supply in the pelvic and abdominal area and, therefore, arousal. Some foods are also labeled as aphrodisiacs for their shape, such as mushrooms, asparagus, or avocado.

But don’t forget, female sexuality has a strong “psychological” side. If all these meals are savored while we are in our pajamas watching our favorite TV series, they probably won’t work as you wish. So, make sure you are creating a stimulating and romantic atmosphere. If you want to add a classy touch, go for a bottle of champagne, and if you want to surprise her even further, think about decorating the house accordingly. It shows you are willing to make efforts!

2. A flower bouquet

Flowers are a fascinating and evocative means of communication. They are capable of expressing emotions, feelings, accompanying words, surprising, and conquering. Ok, perhaps the gesture can be a bit obvious but Valentine’s Day is always a good moment to give flowers. Especially this year, in which gestures are more important than ever.

What can make a difference, in this case? The choice of flowers. Be creative and think carefully about your partner. What type is she? What does she like?

Flowers are a romantic and elegant message of love and, as in the case of classic red roses, they can also symbolize burning passion and desire. Or, when it comes to yellow roses, jealousy. In any case, they are always a nice way to make your woman feel loved and appreciated.

3. A handmade jewel

A jewel is a precious gift for any occasion, especially when you want to express your love to someone. But if you truly want to send a message to your partner, you should definitely consider a handmade one. Yes, they are often more expensive than their industrial counterparts but rest assured, the investment is well worth it. Handmade earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets are unique. It is very unlikely to find someone else with that same handcrafted jewel. And most importantly, handmade items tell a story. It’s the story of their artisan, his or her love and passion for the craft. Is there a better way to make a woman fall in love with you?

4. A beauty box

It may not sound “original”, but beauty boxes can be a great gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Receiving a beauty box is like receiving two presents in one: a surprise package that can shake the monotony of daily life and a set of beauty products to try immediately. After all this time spent at home, it’s a time for a change!

5. A photo album

Women are very attracted to details, sometimes keeping the smallest things, even restaurant receipts to keep the memories in store. If you surprise her with a small collection of memories, you cannot even imagine how excited she will be. Obviously, the best idea is to look for the greatest moments you spent together. Think about a nice holiday, your first date, even a picture of your daily life that has a special meaning to you. It will show not only that you care and remember all that you went through as a couple, but that you spent time and energy trying to surprise her. For a woman, that’ what matters the most.

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