December 1, 2022

What makeup products do you use for an even skin?

Of course, every woman wants her skin to be flawless, even and radiant. Unfortunately, not everyone has this. Fortunately, there are plenty of skin care products that can make your skin look fresher and tighter. It is important to apply it properly to ensure a natural effect. If you follow the steps below, your skin will look radiant and that’s good to know.

Start the day with day cream

A beautiful make-up begins with a good day cream. Once your face is freshened up with some lukewarm water, you can apply your day cream. As soon as it is absorbed, you are ready for the rest. Only after the day cream is properly applied is it the turn of the primer. This is also applied before the rest of the makeup. Day creams often come in cosmetic jars and can be applied with clean hands.


Primer can often be applied with a glass pipette. With a primer your makeup will last longer. It prevents foundation or eyeshadow from building up in the skin folds or wrinkles. There are many different primers for sale. Most primers contain silicones. Silicones create a layer on the skin that prevents moisture loss and promotes hydration of the skin. So a primer actually forms a protective layer between the skin and makeup. The purpose of a primer is to make your skin look smoother and more even. It fills in the lines and coarser pores. This allows your foundation to spread easily and will look more even. You will notice that your foundation, but also the rest of your makeup will stay on better if you use a primer before applying the rest of your makeup.

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The choice of color is important when using a foundation. If you don’t use the right color it won’t look good. This means using different colors for different seasons. In the summer your skin has a different color than in the winter. Try out different shades of foundation on your face and choose a color that most closely resembles your skin tone, without smearing the foundation. Foundations come in different formulas: liquid, compact, powder, creamy and there are even foundation sprays. The choice is partly based on your skin type and partly on your personal preference but your skin type also plays an important role. If you have dry skin it is better to choose a liquid foundation, a mousse foundation is better suited for oily skin.