December 2, 2022

What to Know When Hiring a Process Server?

Nobody ever wants to get stuck with never-ending litigation procedures, as they can be quite draining and costly. Therefore, hiring a process server that understands the rules and regulations in your state is a necessity. They also make sure that your case proceedings are dealt with in a cinch and all the legal papers or documents are reached to the subject in a timely manner, so you don’t have to deal with extra stress.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you can’t simply look for a process server and hire them the other minute. You need to be thoughtful and considerate when hiring a process server. Therefore, this article will mention the factors that you need to consider when hiring a server. Read on!

1.    Compare Rates of Different Process Servers near You

Finding the first process server doesn’t mean that they have to be your first and last one. You need to thoroughly research the market and look at what rates are being offered by different servers.

You may come across the ones who are willing to provide you with their services at a lower price and then the ones with a hefty price tag. However, it’s important to consider that the price range will vary according to their expertise, skills, and competence.

It also depends on the different services they will be offering such as increased serve attempts, skip tracing, etc. Therefore, you should make your selection accordingly.

2.    See How the Process Servers Communicate 

You definitely would want to stay informed and updated with the legal process, hence, it’s critical for you to ask the process servers firm about what method of communication do they use to talk to their clients and how often do they respond.

For instance, hiring a process server that keeps you regularly updated via emails or phone calls can bring you peace of mind, and therefore, make the entire case proceeding easier.

3.    Verify Their Credentials   

You certainly don’t want your case to be dismissed midway or even make the entire process super frustrating for you. Hence, it’s vital to confirm the credentials and certifications of your potential process server before hiring.  

In case your process server is already a member of national associations, chances are they are already up-to-date with the regulations required for process servers.

No matter what, it’s still better to check for their certifications. Every state has different requirements in order for servers to operate legally in their area. Therefore, it’s your duty to search online and confirm if your server fulfills those legal requirements and is licensed or not.

4.    Look for Reviews Online

Last but not the least, the previous clients can tell better about their entire experience with your potential process server, therefore, you should search for reviews online.

By reading the online reviews, you can assess what server’s clients liked the most about their service, such as their responsiveness or quality of services. You can scour the reviews and check what factors of their service are more important to you. If most of their reviews are amazing, you should give them a go. 

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