December 2, 2022

Why does WordPress have much popularity?

WordPress dominates 40% of the web and this percentage is expected to increase in the next few years.

In this article, we will explain why WordPress has this popularity over others like Wix, Drupal and Webflow.

1- It is open source

Open source dominates. The main reason for WordPress popularity is that it is free. Also, it is open source, so any developer can contribute to the community easily suggesting enhancements. This is the power of open source applications. They always dominate.

2- A lot of themes and plugins

If you have any idea or need any functionality (simple or advanced), you will find a plugin that does that. Also, you will find thousands of themes to choose from easily.

Some examples of the plugins include typeform alternative one.

You will find in each category hundreds of plugins easily. The same for themes.

3- A strong community behind it

WordPress has a strong community behind it. The number of WordPress users may exceed 300 millions and this is such a huge number. This is the real power of WordPress. If you have any issue, you can expect to have a lot of people trying to solve your problem, so that’s really a good benefit from the strong community.

4- A great team developing it

Automattic is the company behind WordPress and they choose their software engineers very carefully. They have an amazing and talented staff. The hiring process is simple and accurate. You should prepare your CV very well explaining your skills in detail. Also, you should prepare yourself for a programming test to test your skills. If you got hired in Automattic, you would have a very good salary because it is one of the top companies around the world.


We quickly covered in this article why WordPress dominates most of the web and we listed 4 reasons for that. WordPress has very powerful plugins. So if you are looking for SEO, ecommerce, caching, media, page builders or WordPress survey plugin, you will find it!

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