August 10, 2022

Wondershare DemoCreator can help you make videos on Windows: A lot of features in one package!

Are you going to make videos on Windows? Then you’re on the right page!

We live in times of great audiovisual development. Wherever we look, we find ourselves surrounded by images that persuade us, teach us and provoke feelings in us. For this reason, companies increasingly rely on the power of the image and current education has begun to understand the great usefulness of audiovisual platforms for teaching. It is a communication resource widely used and demanded in different social, business, commercial and educational fields. With which it is essential that you have knowledge about various programs to edit videos because at some point in your life, you will need them! Having the solid skills and a computer screen recorder for profitable job offer or deliver presentations in educational settings like a pro.

Creating videos on Windows is usually aimed at:

– Describe the products and services you offer

– Share valuable information with your audience

– Attract as many people as possible to become your subscribers

– Record your gaming experience and then share it through your YouTube channel.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform today and creating a channel on YouTube is a great way to get an audience.

What kinds of video you can make with DemoCreator

Cooking channel

Once you’ve mastered basic cooking techniques and have a strong mindset about teaching, you can start your cooking channel. You would need a camera to record images of the cooking process of a dish. And of course your face doesn’t have to be included. The cooking tutorials will be shot from top to bottom shots, and viewers will only see your hands doing the work of preparing food. Another way to capture all the cooking steps is to shoot close-ups from different angles.

Art Channel

An art tutorial, in a way, is the same as a cooking tutorial in the form of filming: a camera records the work of your hands with top-down shots or detailed close-up shots. So, for example, if you are interested in nail art, a video showing how to polish nails to perfection would tempt young ladies.

Technology Channel

If your tech savvy is considerably thorough, you can try working on YouTube channel ideas with tech tutorials. In this case, the screen recording technique can come in very handy.

Inspirational Channel

Celebrities have many quotes that you can make clips to clarify, or various influential stories that you can search on the internet. You can record your voice telling the stories or you can put the quotes on the video.

Book Summary Channel

According to recent research on video marketing statistics, 72% of people prefer to watch the video instead of reading the text. Therefore, a book summary could be an interesting option for YouTube video ideas.

Basically, what has been explained above leads to the creation of a knowledge-sharing video. But if you are an amateur, how do you make a knowledge-sharing video? You need a video maker and the best one is Wondershare DemoCreator.

This is a simple video maker, but behind its simplicity there is a lot of potential. With DemoCreator you can record your videos. You can use a webcam, your mobile device, a professional camera, and even a screen recording tool like DemoCreator. The latter is highly recommended for making video tutorials.

Have you finished recording? You can edit it right away with the set of tools that DemoCreator provides. Thanks to this screen recorder Windows 10, you can cut, clip, crop, add annotations, text, audio files, and much more. Setting important parameters in your video can be done in just a few clicks. Thanks to DemoCreator, adjusting audio, brightness, and color correction couldn’t be easier.

Already got your video? Now it’s time to save it in your desired location. With DemoCreator you have a variety of options to pick from and once everything is in place you can hit the Export button. You can find it in the upper right corner of the screen.

DemoCreator Add-on Animated Explainer Videos Maker- Anireel

But Wondershare can do much more than that.

If you think that Wondershare can only help you create videos and edit them then you are wrong. Because this software offers another add-on, namely Anireel. It is a kind of tool that helps you to create animated videos and edit them according to your liking.

Wondershare Anireel is now widely used for making tutorial videos, marketing, and various other creative videos. With this Wondershare’s magical tool, you can create complete animated videos and add various scenes, characters, text, audio and much more. You can also export these animated videos to MP4 format.

Basically Anireel provides:

– Ability to add various materials to your animated videos in various formats.

– Ability to edit material on timeline and canvas.

– Script to Animation feature so you can customize your animated video in just 1 click.

– Text to Speech feature for text to audio conversion.

– Preview feature.

– Ability to export your animated videos to popular formats.

DemoCreator Add-on Online Screen Recorder- DemoAir

It’s finished?

We’re not done yet because DemoCreator still has one more to offer!

We’re talking about Wondershare DemoAir!

This is a great tool that lets you record your screen and webcam and turn the recordings into video messages that can be shared instantly with your friends. This tool is needed by you and anyone who works in a dynamic team. You can record from a browser tab, webcam, or a full desktop view.

Can you get them all at once? Yes, because now Wondershare DemoCreator combines the three tools above. In other words you can shoot a regular video, edit it, or create an animated video that you can design to suit your purpose. All in one package so no need to buy one by one.


Wondershare is a well-known software developer who has succeeded in creating various quality and easy-to-use recording and editing software. Wondershare DemoCreator, one of Wondershare’s video creativity filed products, can help all your activities related to video making. With Anireel and DemoAir included in the package, this tool can make you feel like a professional video maker, no matter what your background.

I hope this article has provided you with useful information. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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